Who is This Woman??

My name is Rachel, I am your average overworked mother with “real life” tales to tell. I have one daughter, Etta (that’s not her real name, but that’s what I’ll call her here…). She is sassy, smart, and spunky. Sometimes she’s a little too smart…. but she brings joy and many new “adventures” to my life each and every day. I am also a mother who works full-time to support my daughter, the struggle of balancing the two is usually what I write about. I’m somewhat of an overachiever who finds it hard not to work myself to death, always trying to keep it up and make everything work. You know, the mom who works all day but still manages to find time (usually by 2 am) to bake those stupid cookies for the PTA fundraiser…Ya, unfortunately that’s me. Juggling many things at once has always been my specialty.

I have a hectic, extremely unreliable family which causes for a hilarious outcome of events in my everyday life (which of course I have to share in blog posts!). I was born into a long line of teen-moms, divorcees, and unstable family environments…but hey, who isn’t? My mother, who I absolutely love and adore, isn’t always the mature one in our relationship. Being so, it has taught me a lot along the way of becoming a responsible adult myself. Even though… I still find it hard not to skip breakfast, barely put make up on, and sometimes find myself napping on the couch, rather than doing laundry for the next day. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a working progress.

I am newly engaged to a man who brought the Lord into my life. He has really grown with me and has committed everything he has to supporting and loving our crazy family. Having a rough childhood myself, I never thought I’d turn out the way I have….After a LOT of changes, learning from some ridiculous mistakes and realizing a life with the Lord was for me,  I feel like I finally got the hang of this thing called LIFE! I thank the Lord each day for the blessings I have, no matter how small. I have noticed such a change in my life, just in my way of thinking alone, and I know I wouldn’t have changed without meeting the man of my dreams (so cliche, I know…)

My fiance, we will call him LM, is new at the whole “dad” thing, and is learning through trial and error. He has been a blessing and has stepped into the roll of “father” for Etta. Etta has also been very patient with him and has been trying to teach him the ways of a 5 year old. So far it’s been working pretty well. Since we became engaged we have also became homeowners, my daughter started school, I started a new job, we’ve adopted each other’s odd families, we moved to a new area, and are of course planning a wedding! With many things going on, I can’t help but write this blog and share our wacky experiences along the way.

So if your in to hear some stories and opinions of two young adults, trying to raise a child in a hectic world full of Kindergarten confusion, office fiascoes, wedding dresses, dinner disasters, budget blowouts, and just ordinary life….then your in for a good read!


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