And the Hunt Begins

For those of you that have read my random blog posts, you may have learned that I am currently living with my future mother-in-law. I have been painstakingly living with her for the past 6 months, and it has been a LONG 6 months. You see, we made an agreement to take ownership of her current house, so she could move to a smaller one….so I’ve been waiting….waiting for her new home to be ready, waiting for her to move out….waiting and waiting….and waiting.

During all of this waiting I have been dreaming, dreaming of paint colors, furniture, accessories, rugs, window coverings, the list goes on. I’ve envisioned beautiful gardens, and decorated front porches for the holidays. I have changed the theme of how I would decorate the house a million times, until I had gotten it just right (country farm house). I’ve been putting things on my wishlists and in my shopping carts online for months. Needless to say, I am excited and can’t wait to make the place my own.

This week all of my dreams were shattered. My plans were erased, and my shopping carts were emptied when my lovely mother-in-law decided to let us know she was “not going to leave her house” and that she “didn’t want to move into that new house” and was very firm on her decision. How can someone be that cruel, how can someone be that selfish to completely turn her son and his family upside down on their heads? Not to mention only giving us 3 weeks to figure out what we are going to do.

So here we are, stuck….stuck on whether to move into the tiny house that was built for her (since we already invested money into it) or deciding if we should just call it a loss and find something else….stuck living in the house (that was supposed to be ours) with her, while we get this figured out….stuck seeing her everyday knowing that she completely went back on her word…just stuck.

I think the Lord has decided to take us down a different path, maybe a path for the better. Who knows, maybe that house will have a leaky roof and a flooded basement in the next few years, maybe it will turn into a money pit. Either way, I’m looking at the little bits of blessing in the situation, and praying that we find a solution soon…so I can get away from the mother-in-law….so I can get back to dreaming of paint colors and love seats.



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