If he wants to help…LET THE MAN HELP!

It wasn’t until 7pm that I was able to cook dinner last night…see we planned on having pizza for Etta’s school fundraiser, LM got to the pizza place and there was a line out the door, so we decided not to participate…which meant I had to come up with dinner last minute.

I cooked dinner as fast as I could (having to wait for meat to thaw was not fun). Etta had already fallen asleep on the couch watching Hocus Pocus. Dinner was finally done at 7:30pm, we woke Etta up to eat (knowing if we didn’t we would have a visitor at 1am asking for a “snack”) and we all ate dinner quickly. I immediately got Etta into bed after, since she was pretty cranky from having to wake up to eat. I headed back downstairs, dreading the fact I still had to clean and put food away…expecting LM to be in the shower or bed by now, and just wishing I could be in the shower or bed by now. When I got to the kitchen I was pleasantly surprised.

See, when LM and I first met he would always try to help me cook, and then clean up after. Since I am SO picky about how things are done… I’d ALWAYS hover, offer advice, or just take over completely. Over the years, it slowly turned into LM watching TV while I made dinner (if he wasn’t working) then after, he’d head straight to bed, leaving me to do all the cleaning myself. I understood why, but I really wished he’d still help me (and of course put up with my “supervision”).

A few nights ago, being overly cranky…and pushed to my limits, I mentioned to LM that he NEVER helps me anymore with the cooking and cleaning.

So now, standing at the kitchen door, seeing LM in the kitchen…food already put away, he was wiping down counters, and working on dishes…I decided to fight the urge to jump in and take over. I quietly snuck down to our bathroom and got in the shower. I took a nice peaceful shower, but was consumed with guilt. I thought for sure he either stopped at the dishes part of cleaning, and I’d have to go finish…or he was waiting for me to get out of the shower to say “you should have been helping me!”

To my surprise the kitchen was spotless (as if I had done it myself), he was laying in bed waiting for me to come to bed…he just gave me a kiss, turned the TV on and cuddled up with me to watch a show. He didn’t mention the kitchen, the cleaning…nothing….

Just goes to show, you can’t underestimate people, they can help you more than you think!

And I’ll admit, I’ve learned not everything needs to be done “MY” way lol


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