The Mother-In-Law…

I have heard so many stories of the “dreaded mother-in-law” from friends of mine who just cannot handle their mother-in-law. I always laughed at the hilarious stories, and assumed there was a large amount of exaggeration added. Now that LM and I are engaged, I have been completely exposed to the horrible future “mother-in-law” and have to say my stories are NOT exaggerated. I’m sooooo sorry for not taking all of my dear friends seriously when they told me these stories. However, now that I can relate…and now that I have stories, I will share…so those of you who do not have the “dreaded mother-in-law” experience can sit back and enjoy the humor, and those of you who have a horrible mother-in-law can relate!

It all started when Sally (we will call her Sally, that’s not her real name) decided she did NOT want to live in her nice big house on lots of property by herself. All the kids were grown, she’s been divorced for years, and COMPLETELY single. She wanted to move to a nice senior community, with a pool and a small yard. Being as we just started our family, and were looking for a home similar to hers with land in that area, we suggested buying the home from her.

We made the decision to move in before Sally’s new house was ready, so our daughter could get settled in and start school in the correct district. I am now really regretting this decision…See we thought at the time “only 6 months and her house will be done, we can handle it, no problem!” boy were we wrong! It has now been 6 months, and the new house is nowhere near being finished!

My first mistake was “how” I did the dishes. I learned that there is a specific way that the dishes MUST be placed in the dishwasher. I also learned that if I washed a pan and let it air dry on a towel by the sink, I was ruining the pan. She promptly showed me the correct way, which is heating the oven to 200 degrees, placing the pans upside down in it and letting them dry that way. I had also learned that all rooms must be spotless in the house (mind you I have a 5 year old). I was told that ALL doors inside the house must be kept OPEN, no door is to be closed or the house will be “stuffy”, to which she then asked if I knew what “stuffy” meant….she’s a peach….

During the summer months she constantly trimmed bushes outside (the poor things are stumps now) and then proceeded to tell me how tired and sore she was because she did all this work and I didn’t help. I guess I’m supposed to be a mind reader and be her aide at all times, she didn’t once ask me for help….and the poor little bushes needed to be left alone!

She has made sure to tell me that she mops the floors 4 times a week and vacuums every other day as well, and that’s what it takes to keep the house nice (just as a note, we have no animals, and we take our shoes off in the garage…the floors do NOT get that dirty). I was told I needed to learn how to wash the windows because they need it 6 times a year (Confession-I have honestly never washed the outside of my windows). Not to mention the many things she has instructed my daughter to do on a daily basis.


The most recent argument was last night. She proclaimed that she did NOT want us to buy her house because we would ruin it, and it would be filthy if we lived there on our own. This was all due to the two bowls I left in the sink that morning…and because we did not make our beds. I explained to her that we work full-time, and have a 5 year old, and getting out the door in the morning is hard enough, without having to worry about cleaning. I clean every night when I get home to make sure it is up to her standard. However, when she is gone, our house will be lived in, and will NOT be clean (to her high standards) every day. Of course I was told that I should be able to work, be a mother, and keep an extremely clean home, along with every other responsibility….needless to say, we are not on talking terms right now.

My plan now is to avoid her as much as possible (pretty impossible living with her) stay quiet…keep cleaning…and PRAY that her house will be done soon!

Maybe I should bring the builders some baked goods and plead they work faster…they would understand where I’m coming from, she’s driving them nuts too!


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