Am I Doing this “Bride” Thing Right?

I have a confession…I’v been engaged for over a month now…the wedding is 10 months away and I have no urge to get things planned. I’m not that overly excited bride, I’m not that girl who shows her ring of to everyone she meets (it’s a beautiful ring, but honestly I forget it’s on my finger). I love my fiance, I’m excited to be married to him in 10 months, however…I’m not the type who is consumed by wedding planning. I’m honestly just hoping someone will pick up the reins, plan it for me (for free, NOT hiring a wedding planner) and I won’t have to worry one bit.

So a month before we were engaged LM’s friend proposed to his girlfriend (LM had planned to propose to me before this happened…then had to delay the proposal). Now this girl, technically planning a wedding a month before mine, already has the dress, venue, bridesmaids dresses, ceremony location, DJ, photographer….the list goes on. Then here I am not even knowing where to begin. She messages me, you know because I’m a future bride as well, and she wants to know where I am in all of my planning…and I have no clue what to write back. Then she happily tells me about all of her plans (some are similar to what I had in mind which kinda ticks me off a little, I wont lie) and then freaks me out because I realize I have little planned.

I will say I am extremely fortunate to have LM’s family…the church is on them, the reception is too…his dad and step-mom are taking care of the food, his cousins are the DJ’s, so I’m assuming there isn’t much left to plan right? Well, I guess I’m wrong…because I have a HUGE list of things I need to get done in certain time frames and I’m not even close (of course I printed this “list” off of a Google search).

Is it a bad thing that I don’t even want to step foot in a dress shop? Maybe the courthouse wedding is for me….no….I’m just the type of person to wait last minute to pull it all together, will that even work with a wedding????

In all, I’m sure the planning will pick up, I’m sure I’ll get in the “mood” to be a bride. I’m sure at some point I will be able to wrangle up all my bridesmaids to help me with all of this wedding “stuff”. Until then you can find me chillin’ with my fiance and my 5 year old, being a normal person 🙂



  1. tania2atee · October 19, 2016

    There are the kind of people who LOVE this stuff, and there are the kind of people who don’t drown in the details. You do you…and it will all turn out fine. But you may want to look for a dress if you plan on ordering it, it could take up to 8 months! Other than that, you should be fine! 🙂


    • rjeffers3 · October 19, 2016

      I’ve been told dresses take a LONG time to come in….and I did try some, but couldn’t wrap my head around paying over $1,000 for a dress I’m wearing once. I know it’s special…but nothing I try on feels right with the price tag stuck in my head! lol I’m going to try second hand next!

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