What’s Out There These Days?

fb-15I remember being a new mom…a new single mom…working full-time and barely making enough money to get by, struggling and looking for extra cash. I remember seeing a friend from high school on Facebook who started working for one of those “stay-at-home” companies selling stuff. She sold “that crazy wrap thing” and from what I saw on Facebook, she did VERY well. She was one of the top income earners for the company, her husband started working with the company as well. They had this pretty house, two very cute kids, and every post she made was so inspirational.

I started to think (with every new post I was reading from her) that I could do that! I did a lot of research on that type of company (the work from home companies) and found that a LOT of them required a start up fee. Ya… that wasn’t for me. I understand to make some money, you needed to invest some money. But there was NO way I was going to spend $100+ on something I wasn’t sure would make me money. So I didn’t, I changed the search to “Work from home jobs with $0 start up cost” and found a few companies to try out.

The first was a jewelry company. You set up your own website, pick what products you want to sell off of the website and add them. The company did all of the product manufacturing and shipping and would give you the paycheck for having the website and selling the product. They also had incentives for you to buy product to “show off” to potential customers… I also wasn’t aware at the time, but the website would also hack into your Facebook page and flood it with your website information a various ads. I did NOT like that feature. In the end I bought more jewelry than I could even imagine, and ended up spending more than I earned. I was stuck with a lot of mediocre jewelry a website I never updated and a hacked Facebook. I canceled the website and gave up on that endeavor.

Next was a cosmetics company (a popular one, but I wont name names…). My mom had tried it a few years back. She made a little money, but ultimately failed due to spending too much money on products for herself and not marketing whatsoever. I figured I would be great at this…I know how the internet works, I know how to market products and work social media…and I would NOT spend much on product. Well,  come to find out you HAVE to buy product to sell it. You also had to set up parties, constantly bug people and call them to sell anything and everything. My family members had more cosmetics than they knew what to do with and were sick of buying stuff from me. I had no way of getting new clients because everyone I knew was also selling this stuff!!! Needless to say, it was a failure.

Now that I am looking into the idea of being a stay-at-home mom, and I know that I will NEED something to do, I am entertaining the idea of starting another one of these businesses. I have had a few friends on Facebook (other stay-at-home moms) who constantly flood my page with invites to buy their stuff. I talk to a LOT friends who say they are never successful in any of it, and most get messages saying “stop adding me to your page, I’m not buying your stuff!” and other things along those lines…Sometimes I will have 5 or 6 friends all selling the same product lines, way too much competition!

So ending this blog, are there ANY home based companies that do well? I’m talking real numbers here…and real results. Any that aren’t overly flooded with people trying to sell the product? Any that aren’t completely full of lies to trap you into a pyramid type scheme? I obviously understand you can’t make decent money without putting some effort in. I understand that if I were to start a home based company that I would need to market and become a social media queen, which is work I’m willing to do. However, I do want to sell a product I can stand by! Any suggestions would be great, and please, do not try to get me to join your pyramid with false hopes….thank you 🙂


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