The “Mommy Shower”

After not feeling well the last few days, and having to take a day off of work, reluctantly I decided to suck it up and go back to work. Back to being a working mother of an extremely energetic 5 year old, back to a household full of chores to do, and back to being a newly engaged fiance…I was not thrilled, and really debated just going back to bed FOREVER!

It was a hectic morning of packing lunches and arguing with my 5 year old, “the socks are fine, the line on the toe is perfect…do NOT take them off again” and “you just wore these pants a few days ago, now your telling me they are itchy??” along with “please pick a pair of shoes and keep them on, you have tried 4 pairs, just pick one” and of course fighting to get her to wear a coat. After repeatedly saying “We’re late” I was finally able to get her out of the house, in the truck and finally into the school!

I was dragging, so drained, still sick, weak and shaky. I showed up a few minutes late for work, and dove straight in to catch up, all while running a fever. Work was painstakingly long, all I could think of was getting home to take a nice, long, relaxing shower. The work day was finally over, I had to make one stop to get Etta from school then I was home-bound….shower-bound!

As I approached the school, I could clearly see that all the kids were out on the playground. I knew this was going to be a huge delay for me getting in the shower…After a lot of coaxing and bribing (normally I wouldn’t do that, but I just wanted to go HOME) I finally got Etta off the playground and in the truck, all while listening to “Mom, you NEVER let me stay long to play, the other kids got to stay, why can’t I, it’s not fair mom!”

Luckily it was a short ride home, as soon as I walked through the front door I turned on cartoons for Etta, in hopes it would distract her while I take my shower. Of course she had to dispute that plan “I wanted to go outside and play!” I spent the next 20 minutes trying to convince her that my shower wouldn’t be long and she could play after. All I got was her reply “no” over and over …and then she saw Doc McStuffin’s was on, the show hypnotized her and she was glued to the TV instantly! I took this as my only chance and ran downstairs to get my shower going.

The shower was steaming, the bathroom turned into this amazing spa like setting. The lights were dim, just the thought of taking a shower in peace put me in sheer bliss. I took my clothes off, was stepping into the shower and then came a shout “MOM!” Thinking something was wrong I grabbed a towel, wrapped it around myself and ran out the door, up the stairs to Etta laying on the couch. Still paranoid I asked “What Etta? are you ok? Why were you yelling MOM??” she didn’t even look over at me and just said “Mom, I’m hungry, can you make me a snack?” After being completely aggravated, and explaining to Etta why she shouldn’t yell for me like that, I made her a snack…

Back downstairs, I started the shower up again….it wasn’t as peaceful as before. I got in the shower and began to shampoo my hair. I felt a slight breeze blowing under the curtain and then heard a quiet little voice “Mommy…um…I don’t want to watch this cartoon anymore, can you change it for me?” I told her she would have to wait until I’m out of the shower…then Etta had what she thought was a great idea! She would wait in the bathroom while I took my shower. Obviously that wasn’t going to work for me when five minutes in she was asking a million questions and wondering when I would be out of the shower. I told her to go get the remote.

I finally finished rinsing my hair and she was back with the remote. I showed her the buttons to press to change the show (thank God Netflix has pictures for her to choose what shows to watch). She left and I started to wash up my body…and then I felt the breeze under the curtain again….and the little voice “Mommy, can I watch TV in your room instead? and can we read books tonight? and I forgot to tell you about my day…” this went on for a while. By that point I had already forgotten if I washed my body or not, or if I needed to put conditioner in my hair. I could tell the water was starting to get cooler. I stuck my head out the shower curtain, looked at Etta and said “Etta, go in my room and watch TV, do NOT come back into this bathroom….please let me finish my shower in PEACE” she just looked at me, and walked out the door. I felt so bad, but only for a second, I jumped out of the shower and locked the door!

Finally, peace and quiet. I rewashed everything since I forgot what I had already washed. I tried to relax as much as I could, while running out of hot water. I was about to turn the shower off and felt a breeze, then heard a little voice “Mommy, I have to go potty” I told her to go ahead and to flush the toilet since I was getting out of the shower either way….Then it dawned on me, I asked “Etta, how did you get in here” remembering I had locked the door. Sitting on the toilet she looked up, grinned and responded, “I unlocked the door with a penny.”

Now that I am a mother, I don’t think there will ever be a time where I can take a shower in private (especially since my MacGyver 5 year old can unlock doors now). When Etta isn’t even home I still have the feeling she is about to barge through the bathroom door. I’m not sure if it’s the water pressure in the pipes, or Etta crying sometimes…so I shut the shower off to make sure she is alright. The “Mommy Shower” comes along with being a mom, there’s no getting around it….unless I can find a better lock for the bathroom door.



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