To be a Stay-at-Home Mom…or Not to Be…

Illustrative image of professional woman feeding her baby while using laptop

It seems like every fellow mother I talk to lately is a stay-at-home mom. I am constantly being reminded of how joyous and wonderful it is for them to “be there” for their kids. They talk about how nice it is to be able to get things done around the house, since the kids are in school, and how close they are with their children because they have time to spend with them. I see pictures on Facebook of them and their children spending the day at the park, or going on little trips, and quite frankly I’m a little jealous… Previously being a stay-at-home mom was NEVER an option for me. So I always combated all of those “How can you leave your child?” remarks with “Well, my daughter will grow up with a strong, successful mother as a role model”, and “I’m teaching my child independence!” I have always been proud to work hard for my child, for her to have all the things she needs. I have always been in the workforce and couldn’t imagine anything different….

Then one morning while driving to church, LM and I were casually talking about how our work week had been. I went into how I’m not too happy with my current job. “It’s just not what I was hoping for…I’m already tired of showing up there each day” I said. LM calmly responded “Well just sit tight, if another job presents itself that you would like more, take it…you know you don’t even need the job you have, I make plenty to provide for our family. You just need a job to give you something to do during the day when Etta is at school.” And then, at that moment, something went off in my head….I had never even thought of not working full-time, could I really be a stay-at-home mom?

When I was in my teens and worked part-time I would strive to pick up hours and shortly after, I became full-time. I have ALWAYS worked, and have unfortunately always done work that I didn’t enjoy. In these years, I have also became a pro at juggling motherhood responsibilities, household responsibilities, fiance responsibilities, along with my work responsibilities. Now with that small conversation on a sunny Sunday morning, a whole spew of options had opened up! So here is the tough part….do I take the leap, quit the job, and stay at home, relying solely on my other half? Or do I continue to work each day, provide for my family and have the extras and lifestyle I have always worked to have?

Maybe I could just quit this job (most likely after the wedding), start up a small craft business of some sort, or get a small part time job that is “fun” and stay home for the most part. Thinking of all the things I could get accomplished if I were home more has really got me excited! I could actually finish all of the laundry in one day. I could “plan” meals, and maybe even pre-prep them! I could finally paint the walls in the house, plant that vegetable garden I’ve been hoping for. I think this may be the answer for me….now I just have to get all of my little ducks in a row, before making the plunge into the stay-at-home mom world!


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