The Thought of Losing You

It started out a normal, ordinary morning. LM woke me up with the usual “Hunny, get up please, I have to go…Hunny, can you please make me a lunch??” After moping around and throwing a little fit, I finally got up and out of bed. I was a little cranky as usual, I’m NOT a morning person. I snarled and gave the “don’t talk to me, don’t bug me, keep your distance” look to LM and proceeded to make lunches for the morning. He got ready for work, and by the time he was ready to leave I had woken up a little more, and was in a much better mood. I gave him a BIG hug and kiss, I didn’t want to let him go…but I did, and off he went to work.

I crept upstairs to wake up our daughter. I turned her light on, was coaching her out of bed (she is NOT a morning person either). Then it dawned on me, I could still hear LM’s truck outside. I thought that was odd, usually he leaves right away, why was he sitting out there for so long? I went to Etta’s window to see what was going on. It was still dark and all I could see was his two headlights somewhat slanted and down by the pond in the front yard. I thought “Why would he be down by the pond?” Then I noticed it looked like the back half of his truck was in the pond!

Worried I ran downstairs, straight into the wet muddy driveway in my socks. I heard the truck rev up a few times, struggling to move down by the pond. I kept trying to see in the darkness with no luck. After a while I could tell the truck finally got traction because the headlights started to move, he was finally heading back up the driveway toward me. LM parked the truck and started to step out. I was standing on the other side of the truck, I started to frantically ask questions “How did you manage to get the truck in the pond, could you not see backing down the driveway? Are you ok?”

When I finally saw his face I knew something bad had happened. All he said to me was “I just kept praying that the Lord keep me alive to be with you and Etta, that’s all I had time to do, was to pray.” I came around to his side of the truck and saw his clothes were completely shredded. The back of his pants were tattered with holes, mud, grass, and gravel. His jacket the same, but it also had a huge rip along the side, his pocket was completely torn off. The bottom of his pants were soaking wet and so were his boots and socks. He carefully slid off his jacket and lifted the sleeve of his shirt, his arm was scrapped from above the elbow almost down to his wrist. With shock and sheer fear I asked “What happened? Are you ok??”

When LM went out and got in his truck that morning it started to act up on him again. He’s been having this problem where it will not shift into reverse, drive etc… He tried to put the truck in reverse and it just would not go. It was stuck in park…. He put the emergency brake on and crawled under the truck with hopes of fixing the linkage.

Not even a few seconds under the truck when suddenly the truck went into reverse and the emergency brake came off! As the truck abruptly started moving backward with him under it, he moved his head as fast as he could so the tire wouldn’t run him over. He straightened out his body so he was in the middle of the truck between all four tires, but he was still pinned under it. The truck started dragging him underneath, through the gravel driveway, into the muddy grass lawn. He was sure he was headed toward the pond and was praying the truck would just stop. He knew if the truck rolled into the pond he would still be pinned under and would eventually drown.

The Lord was truly looking over him, at that moment he felt a thud, the truck veered upward and stopped. This was his chance to get out from under the truck. He hurried and climbed out to see that the truck hit…it had hit the only pine tree in our yard near the pond. The truck hit the tree dead on, it lifted the truck and most importantly stopped it from completely going into the pond. He was able to get back in the truck and get it to drive which was when he met me in the garage to tell me that life threatening tale.

As I cleaned him up, all I could think about was the fact that I almost lost the man who will soon be my husband. My best friend, who I should be spending the rest of my life with. The man who Etta looks to as a father. He insisted on still going to work although he was scraped up and sore. He also insisted on getting back into that truck to take it to the shop. As much as I refused to let him go, I did….and with that I also had a huge reality check.

We are each given a life, and many of us take it for granted. That moment made me appreciate life in general. It made me appreciate the Lord. I feel so blessed that I am able to spend more time with LM, and you’d better bet I’m going to make the most of each minute. Later that morning when I was taking Etta to school, I happened to see something shinning in the grass. There laid LM’s sunglasses and bluetooth in crumbles. Both were on his head when he went under that truck, they didn’t survive, but he did!


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